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Filming in Sweden

Sweden is the largest Nordic country with tens of thousands of inland lakes, glaciated mountains, and coastal islands.

Its three major cities are all coastal, including the capital and largest city in the east, Stockholm, second largest Gothenburg in the west and Malmö in the south.

Stockholm is made up by 14 islands and features more than 50 bridges. From meadows and rising hills in the south, the breathtaking archipelagos in west Sweden to the home of the Northern Lights in Swedish Lapland.

The possibilities for filming in Sweden are endless.

Production service in Sweden

Tax rebate in Sweden

The rebate is managed by Tillväxtverket (The Swedish Agency for Economic Growth) on behalf of the Swedish government and has a yearly budget of SEK100m (about €9.2m).

Audiovisual works (feature films, documentaries, drama series, and docuseries) with production costs spent locally exceeding SEK4m (€368,000) are eligible for the 25% production refund. 

Productions must be entirely or partially shot in Sweden to qualify, and their budgets must be at least SEK30 million (€2.7 million) for a feature film, SEK10 million (€920,000) for a documentary, SEK10 million per episode for a drama series, and SEK5 million (€460,000) per episode for a docuseries. 

First-come, first-served priority is given for allocating support, with a cap of 25% of admissible expenditures.