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Filming in iceland

Nordic island nation Iceland, is defined by its dramatic landscape with volcanoes, geysers, hot springs and lava fields.

The Icelandic landscape is unmatched and unlike anything else.

Stockholm is made up by 14 islands and features more than 50 bridges. From meadows and rising hills in the south, the breathtaking archipelagos in west Sweden to the home of the Northern Lights in Swedish Lapland.

The possibilities for filming in Sweden are endless.

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Tax rebate in iceland

There is a 25% reimbursement available for all feature film, television, and documentary productions, regardless of budget, crew size, or number of shooting days. 

All Icelandic expenses, as well as the cost of the arriving cast, are eligible for the 25% and 35% rebates. 

A production must meet three criteria in order to be eligible for a 35% refund: 

– Icelandic expenses must total at least ISK 350 million. 

– The production must spend at least 30 working days in Iceland, either for filming or for post-production. A minimum of 10 shooting days must be spent in Iceland within the 30 working days.

– There must be at least 50 employees working directly on the project. Payments made to those 50 employees must be subject to Icelandic taxation. 

For all productions, the reimbursement is based on the total production expenses incurred within the European Economic Area (EEA) where more than 80% of the total production costs are expended in Iceland.