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We help you through all steps of your production, from taking care of your traveling and stay, local permits, location scouting, booking film teams and bringing all equipment you need. We are your guide, problem solver and assist you fully in your next production!

Why us?

Trusted by the industry, we help all types of productions – drama, TV, documentaries, feature films, news channels, photoshoots, video on demand, broadcasting services and more.

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Our production services

Will you work on a  production abroad?

Nordic Fixers serves clients from all around the world with production services and fixers. Our services span from complete video creation to production support, and we work with our clients to identify the best financial and artistic options. No matter how big or little the project, we commit to providing individualized service and consider ourselves a part of your team.


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Our Pre-Production services include

Budgets, Call sheet, Crew booking, Equipment booking, Local permits, Location research & scouting, Logistical support, Translation, Research, Logistics, Travel accommodation, legal and accounting service.  


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Our Production services include

Actors, Extras & Contributors, Directors, Drivers, DoP’s & DP’s, Catering, Film crews, Fixers, Local Producers, Line Producer, Locations, Meet and greets, Producing full productions, Parts of productions, Production Managers, Production staff/Assistance, Remote filming, Sightseeing, Translation, TV crews.


fixer post-production work

Our Post-Production services include

Editing of videos, Post production paperwork, Post production scripts, Translation and subtitling, Transcription, Voice over artists, Color grading artists, Stock footage, Composition, Recording studios. 

The Nordics offers many graphical and unique locations, perfect for shooting your next project!

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We offer more

We give 100% of ourselves and offer the best FIXER EXPERIENCE for you so that you can make the most out of your production and work effortlessly on your project.

We work in close cooperation with hotels, car rental companies, DOP:s, actors etc and get special prices to make sure you pay the right price.

We are the most affordable option with experience where you will get the quality service you need!

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We want to make your journey and experience of us as good as it gets. That is why we are accepting different currencies.

All our clients and size of project matter for us, from the big project to the freelancer & from the small project to the big studio.

Last but not least – Safety is the most important point for us. We dont leave anything to chance. We are aware of the places and the risks that can occur. You will be safe with us.